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Coming back to town for this Halloween?

It's kind of hard to imagine Toronto as some sort of tourist destination for Halloween but I really think it has something to do with the "big city effect". Being up there with the top cities in North America, Toronto sure can draw a crowd!

SO, if you're thinking about taking a trip into the city, you'll definitely want to weight your options, enjoy the beautiful fall air and see the sights while you're here.
Here are a few attractions to consider:

1) Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland

This fun event happens yearly during the month of October before the park closes for the season. It’s a lovely combination of thrill rides and scare.. who wouldn’t like that? Might want to wear your big girl pants when you go because there are some seriously awesome scary attractions. Travel to and from the park is relatively straight forward when using highway 400 from the city. If you’re coming from the airport I would recommend a Toronto airport limo – They will simplify the trip and help you get to enjoying the spooks and scares quicker and more comfortably!

2) Downtown bashes – Over the years I’ve really started how Torontonians love their downtown bashes. New Years, St. Patricks and certainly Halloween. Many ticketed events are run every year to give people a chance to showoff the strut their stuff when it comes to halloween costumes. For some reason it just seems more fun to go out wearing a costume so I’d highly

3) Toronto’s Haunted Walk – yep, we’ve got a haunted walk here in Toronto! Basically you get to go around to the different districts of Toronto for a factual look at the darker sides of the city. It’s historic and informative with possibly just a touch of theatrics. The tour visits the St. Lawrence market, distillery district and many other areas featuring old cobblestone streets. Why not? This is actually highly recommended on trip advisor and I’ve never done it. I guess I’ll start planning now for Halloween 2015

4) Frightfest – basically just a combination of a scary haunted house and a bar… like I said, in Toronto, the options a pretty open!!
So that does it for my basic Halloween summary. There are actually many more things to do but if you’re thinking about visiting Toronto this fall, why not come on up for Halloween and see a slightly different perspective.

Happy Halloween!

One of my favourite places in the whole world is France, and specifically Paris.

However, after watching band of brothers recently I thought of a new destination I want to travel to!

If you've followed American history at all (i have despite being Canadian) and if you know your WW2 history you'll know that the beaches of Normandy were stormed on D-day. (June 6th 1944)

Being that its now 2014 it's been over 70 years since Normandy was stormed and liberated and I for one want to see the sites with my own eyes.

Having taken a tour through Paris, Versailles and the French Riviera I can confidently say that France has a lot to offer but I can't help but feel like I've still got some exploring to do when it comes to this.

So in honour of my new found determination to visit Normandy and the other D-day sites, I've decided to throw a few ideas together about what you can do while you're there!

1) visit the beaches - Omaha, Juno, Utah, Gold, and Sword - it's a bit of a 'heavier' activity but certainly worthwhile, especially if you're big on history

Smiley face

2) Visit Arcachon which is a beach town on further south on the coast. It's closer to spain and a bit further south so you're likely to find some nice beach weather there in the summer months.

3) visit Paris - I can't get over how amazing Paris is - It's literally a dream! My recommendations since I've been there already would be to head over near the pantheon and wander down some of the side streets for some of the best coffee and best sandwiches you've ever had in your life!

4) visit Versailles - Versailles is also a very magical place (and very accessible). There is a train that runs from downtown Paris to Versailles in about 45 minutes for 6 euro. Not bad. The castle is beyond words amazing and absolutely huge. Bring a snack and water if you want to be able to see it all. Also beware of pick pockets and high priced goods/foot inside of the castle and the grounds.

5) Monaco - while not technically a part of France it is located within France and an absolute MUST. Monaco is beautiful, incredibly small and dense and filled with flashy and extravagant things. Make arrangements to stay outside the city and train in for site seeing etc.

Here's a link to the France tourism site for more info.

So book your trip now! It will be amazing, awesome sauce, I PROMISE!


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Hey It's Jen,

Welcome to my new blog! We're going to have a great time talking about Toronto, rambling about Travel and certainly talking about hilarious things as I do!

I'm just getting setup here but WELCOME!

Please stick around, check back often and be well traveled!

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